Sunday, February 22, 2009

Center Parcs Part 2

Well I didn't manage to continue you last night I was so tired!! I sorted out all the washing - all 9 loads!! Started that I did manage to upload all the photos onto Facebook all 120 of them and then went to bed so sorry to leave you there, where was I....

We didn't have to wait too long for the gates to open to drive round to the villa and because Abi had her dvd on she was so good.
Once we drove round to villa Ed brought everything in while I started to sort things - the villa was really nice 2 storey with 2 double and 2 twin bedrooms 2 full bathrooms with showers and baths and a separate cloakroom. Lovely open plan living dining and kitchen area too.
Once we were sorted we got freshened up and got ready to go out to dinner - we'd booked to eat out on the first night as thought it'd be easier we went to Hucks the American Diner it was really nice they had a childrens buffet which was a brilliant idea as then the children could eat as soon as you sit down rather than having to wait around for ages. They also did some amazing cocktails!! It was another late night for the children so another quick bedtime. I too didn't stay up too late as was exhausted but Ed stayed up with Danielle and David for a bit and the seemed to get through quite alot of wine!!

Tuesday morning Ed woke up with a terrible upset tummy involving him being sat on the toilet for alot of the morning - Danielle's boys had a fencing thing to go to so was quite nice as we had the villa to ourselves and a nice relaxing morning within an hour of Abi getting up we found out she too had the tummy upset which wasn't pleasent bless her. Ed and David went off in the afternoon to do their Quad biking experience - they had an amazing time. Abi had a long needed nap in the afternoon as after all the traveling and 2 late nights she was very over tired we ended up waking her up after 3 hours as we needed to leave for her "Messy Play" session which although we had to keep rushing to toilet she really enjoyed they had huge paddling pool type boxes full of custard, rice krisipes, spaghetti, rice, cornflour and water etc etc they also had painting and glueing etc - she was in her element!
Once we'd got the children into bed we had a nice relaxing evening.

Unfortunately over night I started feeling really unwell and came down with a horrendous vomiting bug which ended up in me just laying on bathroom floor as it was easier than running back and forth from bedroom to toilet every few minutes, I felt so so ill I ended up pulling muscles in my chest from wretching so much I stayed in bed until about 4pm. Ed still went out to the bowling we'd booked with Danielle, David and the children in the morning and they had a lovely time. Abi was chuffed as they actually had bowling shoes to fit her - when ever we've been in the past they don't have bowling shoes small enough for her.

Thursday I woke up feeling alot better could keep down toast and fluid so we all went at 9am to the tots sports activity that Elliot, Alexander and Abigail were taking part in - it was great fun they had lots of different activities to take part in - one of them there were lights built into the floor and when a light lit up they had to run and jump on it and as soon as they'd done that to set of sensor another light would light up they all loved it. After lunch we headed to the pool as none of us had D&V anymore so felt it was safe and Oliver went in for the first time ever - he loved it!! Splashing and smiling and kicking his legs - he was so sweet falling asleep on the changing mat in the changing room again afterwards. We got back to the villa where we met up with the others then David, Alexander, Elliot, Ed and Abigail went off to the Mammal magic while Danielle and I stayed behind with the babies to give them their dinner. When they got back we all headed off to Cafe Rouge for our last night meal - it was really nice Oliver was a little star and slept the whole time in his pushchair -Ed and Abigail tried Snails!! I was safe and stuck with chicken!!

Friday morning was spent packing up and loading up the car - we were meant to vacate villa by 10 am I don't think we left villa until 11am though!! Ed took the car off to the carpark and Oliver Abigail and I went off to feed the ducks and wait for Ed - when we met up we went to the centre and went swimming - we had a lovely long swim and then had some lunch in the pool area. It was about 4pm by the time we'd finished and all dressed and back into car and we set off to our travel lodge - we arrived by about 8pm and the kids were asleep in bed by 8.30pm Ed and I had decided we were going to wait for them to fall asleep and then catch up on the Eastenders we'd missed on iplayer - but we ended up falling asleep too fully dressed!!!

Saturday morning we had a nice lazy morning as there was no rush as we didn't need to vacate the travel lodge until 12pm we had a nice shower and a little Chef breakfast and set off for home at 10am. We arrived home at about 12.30pm yesterday!

Right I really should get on with all that washing now and we've got the Christening to properly organise now as it's only about 3 weeks till that but I wasn't going to get really stuck into it until after the holiday - so now need to get my bum into gear and get on!!

Will speak soon

Here are the links to all 120 photos that I have uploaded onto Facebook there are 2 links as you can only upload 60 photos per Album on Facebook. I thought this would be easier than trying to upload them all on to the blog!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Center Parcs 15-21 February 2009 Part 1

Wow what a week!!

We've had a lovely time and are currently about an hour from home so I thought i'd use this time to update you seen as Ed is driving! It is quite sureal driving along the moterway sat on msn and the internet!

After my last stay in hospital my lovely Uncle brought me a mini laptop with 3g card and contract so that when i'm in hospital I can still stay in touch with the outside world and keep up with my ebaying :-) But also can use it times like this although not as necessary!

Well Friday 13th Feb mum spent the day with me at home helping with Abigail and Oliver as I was still pretty weak and tired from hospital, it was a nice relaxing day - Sainsbury's online delivered with all shopping for holiday and I did several loads of washing ready for holiday.

Saturday was a mamoth washing day getting everything we wanted for holiday washed dried and ironed. We popped into town in the morning and had a coffee where Uncle Anthony gave me my laptop - I was so taken a back by his generosity it was the best present ever! We got a few bits in town we needed and paid some money into the bank. We spent the rest of the afternoon sorting everything out and generally getting sorted. By the time the children were in bed I didn't feel like cooking and also needed to pop to sainsburys for a couple of bits for the holiday so I popped to Sainsbury's and on the way back got Ed and I a mac donnalds for dinner - very naughty but very nice!

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for church - I decided seen as church is literally a 3-4 min walk it'd be easier to put both children in double buggy and walk than geting them both in and out of car and thought I was up to it - how wrong was I I was also running a bit late as always for 9am mass so ended up having to walk quite fast - by the time we got there I could hardly catch my breath and felt sick an dizy was rather told off by mummy!! The walk home wasn't as bad as was no rush and I could take my time and lean on pushchair. I then got Abi and I some breakfast when we got in and did the final bits of ironing for the holiday. She then went over to Ed's mum's to play while I got on with the packing. First I went to get car cleaned inside and out so it was all nice for the long drive, took Oliver with me he was really good. When I got back I set to packing everything into the cases and packing the kitchen bits up and organsing the overnight bag separate from the main cases so we wouldnt have to unpack everything when we stopped over that night. We finally got everything packed and ed loaded it all into car had some lunch and set off around 5pm - we'd aimed to leave at 2!! We had a good drive stopped for some dinner at a serviced at around 7pm but there was only burger king which I didnt really fancy after having maccy d's the night before but didn't have much choice, the microwave to heat babyfood didn't work either so poor Oliver ended up having freezing cold dinner!! We finally got to travellodge just before 10pm Abi was so good watching her dvd the whole way but didn't fall asleep until 9.30pm which was the worst possible time as we had to wake her 25 mins later when we arrived so she was really upset and crying we got them straight into the room and I got Abi into her pjs and straight into bed she was quite happy by this point as i'd told her as a special treat she could go to bed without a bath and teeth brush!! She settled pretty quickly although had a bit of a moan that there was no microwave to warm her milk!!!! We gave Oliver a quick bath and settled him down - and by 10.30pm they were both sound asleep what stars and slept through till 7.30am!

Monday we all showered and got dressed and had a light breakfast i'd packed cereal bars and bananas and by the time we were ready Danielle rang to say she was almost at travellodge - good timing! We pretty much set off straight away and it was only an hour to travellodge we passed alot of snow about a foot in places where it had drifted!! Wasn't a bad trip and within an hour we were at Center Parcs! We parked cars in carpark and headed off to the center for a swim. Oliver and I didn't swim as my neck still had its dressing on from where I had my central line and Oliver's chest was bad so we sat on side - although i'd put my tankini on was SO hot I stripped Oliver down to just his vest but he kept looking at me like what are you doing to me in here mum!! I gave him his bottle then we watched for a bit and then decided I might as well give him his lunch while we were sat there. Just as I was finishing giving him his pudding they all came back - good timing - we all set off to changing rooms for a shower - even though i hadn't swum I was so hot a sweaty I needed one too got oliver dressed again and he fell asleep on chaning mat bless him! (Will upload a pic of that later not goign to upload photos until we're home as would jsut take too long to upload!!) We then had some lunch once all dressed and Oliver carried on sleeping in pushchair. I wasn't hungry so went off to find out where Abi's tots 2-4yr olds disco was going to be at 3pm that we'd booked for her. No one seemed to know I went from place to place and was getting more and more uptight and stressed so we gave up on it as she was getting ratty and tired anyway and we popped into medical centre with Oliver as his chest was still pretty bad - he was wheezing despite his inhlaors and had a horrific cough. The nurse in there was useless though and despite his sats beign 89% and wheezing away she said he needed his inhlaor - he'd jsut had it and was still wheezy! She said he didn't need to see a dr - i don't know how she can make this decission but we made the decision if he got anyworse we'd find the local hospital as she wasn't going to get as a GP appointment we were not too worried as he was eating and drinking. We then headed to car to wait as the gates would open between 3-3.30pm to let us to the villa :-) We all got in the car and put the dvd on for Abigail and I had a little time on facebook :-)

* Going to have to pause it here as we're nearly home and hopefully it will upload ok and i'll carry on when we're unpacked and settled :-)*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 teeth!!

Well the title says it all really Oliver now has 2 teeth!! Got his second while I was in hospital!! He now has the 2 bottom front ones :) Need to get a good picture of it!

I'm home now not 100% but alot better. Bit manic here at the moment trying to get everything sorted ready for sunday when we're off to cumbria!!

Its so nice to be home though, check below for the post I typed in hospital but have only just uploaded.

Might blog before we go but if not will blog when we get back :)

Much awaited first blog of 2009!!!

I know I know I worry you all by not updating but I promise I’m ok – well as ok as I can be updating from a hospital bed bored out of my brain which is probably to be honest the only reason you’re going to get an update as I actually have the time to sit and type up what has happened. That is the problem when you leave it so long it then gets a bigger and bigger task to update and you put it off more – vicious circle!I don’t have any internet access so this will be uploaded when I’m back in the land of internet when I finally get out of here, but for now looks like I’m staying here.
I had a rather nasty asthma attack rushing me in and now am still here on high flow oxygen needing 2 hourly nebs am on IV aminophylinne and hydrocortisone and ended up having an emergency central line put in in resus as had no access as had left it slightly too long to come in and was shutting down! Am on a stupid cardiac monitor as my heart is playing silly games too so I’m pretty tied to the bed which is rather frustrating!!
Oliver has visited a few time enjoys trying to eat the re breathing bag of my oxygen mask and had a good grab at my central line causing a bit of a panic among us and the nurses! Is funny looking back now!
I’m really hoping to be home soon as we’re due to go to Center Parcs on mon 16-20 Feb (Half term) But are travelling up on Sunday 15th so this doesn’t leave me very long to pull myself and my stupid stubborn lungs together!
Oliver is now 8 months (6 corrected) weighing a whopping 18lbs 4oz on the 50 centile plotted back to his due date age. He now holds his head really well loves his food and is putting anything and everything into his mouth! He got his first tooth last week and there is definitely another one on the way. He isn’t really making much effort to sit yet but I’m not too worried as he’s only corrected 6 months so has a way to go yet and after such a rough start he’s bound to be a little behind. He’s such a happy little man always smiling and so so good I am just so lucky!
He has had a rough time with his lungs having 2 rather nasty bouts of bronchilitus needing nebulisers prednisolone steroids and an admission into hospital for some oxygen therapy. He is doing ok now currently on another course of pred but have changed his inhalers around and seems to be doing better is just a happy wheezer! We decided to re home Pippa our much loved baby choc lab as with Oliver’s allergies and chest and how busy we were. Not only was the hair not helping him but it wasn’t fair as she wasn’t getting the attention from us she deserved but we found her the perfect home and she is settling down nicely we will stay in close contact with them which will be nice. It is sad but for the best.
Abigail is doing well now does 3 sessions a week at Nursery Monday 12.15-2.45 (lunch session) and Wed and Fri 9.30-12. She loves it and it’s nice as it gives me a bit of a rest and some time with Oliver. She now does trampolining and Gymnastics which she loves. She continues to spend one day a week with my mum to help me out which she loves and so does my mum as it gives them some quality 121 time. Since her last admission to hospital she’s had her kidney scan which didn’t show any problems and she also was started on Singulair for her asthma as like Oliver has had quite a few prednisolone courses and needing silly amounts of ventolin which in turn makes her hyperactive and is not a good mix! An already very energetic 3 year old doesn’t need to be made anymore hyperactive!! So far the singulair has done its job in the fact that it has helped her asthma but one of the side effects of the drug has come out quite severe in her causing aggression and anger which is so not like her and driving me mad!! We’re going to stick it out a while and see if it calms down as would be good if she could stay on it to control the asthma.
We like probably most of you had a shed load of snow last week which left Ed’s school closed for 2 days so we had a brilliant time with daddy home and nursery closed playing in snow making snowmen etc – Oliver and daddy did stay indoors but Abigail and I braved it with about 5 layers of clothes on – she thought it was brilliant and we made a pretty impressive snowman I must admit! The majority of the snow has gone but her snowman is still standing all be it now minus the face features and looking very sorry for itself!
I hope this brings you all be it rather briefly up to date with where we are now, I’ll now try to stay in touch a little more but like I say this won’t be uploaded until I get home anyway then it won’t be long till we’re off on holiday.
I hope everyone is well and even if I don’t update my blog – I do still read yours!!! J
Will Leave you with a few photos since the last blog not in any order i'm afraid I have real trouble in uploading them and getting them in with writing on here! But have chosen a few to see what we've been up to - busy with Snow Abigail's 3rd Birthday on 23rd December and Christmas too!!!
Abigail and her snowman!
Playing in the snow
The begginings of our snowman
Mummy and Abigail walking to nursery

Abigail on her birthday at her party
Abigail dressed up in her Upsy Daisy outfit - one of her favourite birthday presents
Enjoying her party food tea :)

Abigail on her Iggle Piggle Scooter that mummy and daddy got her for her birthday
Abigail in her chefs hat and apron she got for Christmas from Grandad

Oliver's 1st Christmas
Abigail in her goggles from Fr Christmas

Abigail with her Birthday certificate from tumble tots
Abigail on her new bike from Fr Christmas
Abigail infront of our Christmas tree all dressed up to go to the Panto - Cinderella at the Civic Theatre with mummy and daddy
Oliver watching his big sister at a birthday party (can't remember which one we've had so many this month)
Oliver and mummy
Abigail as a butterfly - the first time having her face painted at Millie's birthday party
Doing some sponge painting at home with mummy
One of my favourite recent pictures

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It never rains but it pours

Well what a time we've had since my last blog!!
Where I left it last time - i'll try pick up to fill you in but its been a while so might not remember it all!
I got up on Wed and rang to get an appt at GP for my ear, dropped Abi at nursery and then headed there with Oliver. I had a ear canal and middle ear infection so was started on ceflex 500mg 4 times a day and a steroid/antibiotics spray to put directly into the ear 3 times a day. He also said my chest was infected but I didn't feel it was but he started me on 750mg cipro anyway!
Picked Abi up from nursery and she was excessivly tired so we all had a small lunch and went to bed. We slept for about 3 hours!! When we finally woke up Abi went to go for a wee and was screaming in pain when she wee'd this continued over the next few hours and got to the point that she was refusing to wee because she knew it'd hurt - so I took her to the out of hours GP at the hospital - of course she wouldn't do a sample for him so he treated her on symptoms and said she had a urine tract infection started her on Trimethaprim twice a day. I gave her paracetamol and she fell off to sleep and after about an hour she did a big wee in her nappy and it didn't wake her up which was a good sign.
I kept her off tumble tots on Thursday for the obvious reasons we had a lazy morning. She was alot better and not crying when going anymore wasn't right though and had yet another afternoon sleep!
Friday she woke up and seemed ok so thought she'd be ok for nursery, although she wouldn't eat breakfst - this is pretty normal for her. within an hour they'd rung me and asked me to pick her up I was there within about 10 mins and got her home she had a temp and was just grumpy and crying, so I gave her some calpol and put her to bed she refussed a drink or lunch. I woke her up after 3 1/2 hours her temp was 39.6 and she was so lethargic and almost not with it. I gave her some more calpol and she fell straight back to sleep. When Ed got home we tried to wake her up but she wasn't having any of it and despite the 2 doses of calpol her temp was still 39.2 so I rang the dr's these things always seem to happen out of hours or at 5pm on a friday evening!! They told me to bring her straight down so Ed stayed with Oliver and I took her straight down, the dr saw her straight away she was very lethargic and half asleep on me as I carried her in the dr took her temp and even after being outside where it was freezing her temp was still 39.3 he said her tonsills and ears looked red and started her on some augamentin he said she was also showing signs of dehydration so to push the fluid and get 2 doses of antibiotc regualr calpol and re acsess at 10pm if no change to contact out of hours GP.
I went to pick up prescription and got her out of the car and carried her in still asleep. We got home and ed got her a drink and some antibiotic with alot of persuasion she took it and he laid her down on sofa and she was immediately sick all over herself and sofa.
We cleaned her up gave her a bath and got her some clean pj's and gave her a 30 min rest then tried again she seemed to keep antibiotic down and by now oliver was asleep in bed so Ed went off to work, she dosed off but woke up about 5 mins later being sick again took her temp and it was 40.2 C!!! I took her covers and pj's off and laid her back down while I was pottering abot doing bits about 10 mins later she started to fit - being sick while she was fitting her eyes were rolled back - it was so scary I didnt know what to do - after what seemed like ages but probably was under 2 mins she stopped fitting and was just staring like she was staring through me she didn't know who I was - I rang ed but he had a student there on his own who was only 10 so he couldn't leave but told me to ring him mum who lives in same road as us and she was here within about 40 seconds. We rang out of hours dr and by now although still extreemly poorly Abi knew who we were they said to go straight to A&E. I threw a few things in a bag my meds and hers and a change of clothes and we headed off and Hilary stayed here with Oliver - Poor Abi was sick about 3 times on way to hospital and by time we got there she was covered I rushed in and receptionist was lovely getting me some wipes and a little gown for abi who was by now shivving and a blanket and some clean sick bowls and said we'd be acessed shortly - we were kept waiting just over an hour!!! Abi continued to be very drousy very floppy couldnt sit and throwing up all the time. When we were finally called in to be acessed they rushed her straight into resus and had a dr there straight away! They put her on a drip as by now she was really dehydrated checked her blood sugar and took some blood - she was laying there through all of this not registering it at all it was so scary. By this point Ed had arrived it was around 9.30 they said she'd be admitted but the medical childrens ward was at a different hospital so organised an ambulance for us but being friday night we waited till midnight for this! Ed then went home to be with Oliver and I stayed with Abi, when we got to the other hospital she was seen my different dr's who although she was asthmatic said we had to give her ibrufen to get her temp down as paracetamol alone wasn't doing it and she'd fit again if we didn't - it did start to bring her temp down but made her really wheezy and was needed 10 puffs of ventolin every hour!
They started her on some antibiotics through her drip and monitored her closely! We were finally discharged on Tuesday to come home. Abi temp was controlled and switched to oral antibiotics and was keeping down fluids.
I don't think I slept at all Tuesday night I stayed in her room with her but she was ok and has continueed to pick up this week. Although not herself is a hell of alot better!
Until Friday we had a restful few days all catching up on missed sleep and being so happy to be home. Friday Oliver woke up with a nasty cough and wuite wheezy nothing too horendous though so just kept an eye on him but by 8pm it had got alot worse and being afriday night again ed was out at work so I rang NHS direct who listened to him over phone as said I needed to take him to A&E as he was very wheezy and struggling with every breath. It was exactly a week since i'd last been in A&E!!! My mum came over to stay with Abi who was sound asleep in bed and I took Oliver down when I got there the receptionist recognised me!!!
Oliver has croup and was given oxygen and steroids to reduce the inflamation in his airways!
We're home now though but as the title says - it never rains but it pours!
Its now Sunday and we're all still in our pj's having a really lazy day and going to put the tree up later I think :)
I hope everyone has had a better few weeks than us!!!! Here's to a healthy 2009!! I've attached a few pics for you too xxxx
A poorly soldier before she had her fit while dosing on sofa

A very content sleepy boy before he got poorly

A very hot and bothered little girl

Feeling a little better and playing an In The Night Garden game with daddy

Sleeping peacefully

Enjoying a visit from her brother

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Abigail playing with mummy's "sexy shoes" for Toria's funeral
my gorgeous boy - happy because he's in the chair he gets fed in

Peacefully sleeping

Gorgeous girl doing some colouring
I haven't blogged much recently as a few things have been going on and I haven't been able to haven't felt up to it and just haven't had time!
Firstly i've been back in hospital again since my last blog luckily managed to escape after only a 5 day stay but it was on a short stay medical ward so not very pleasant!
I've been really down about lots of things mainly Toria's death, i just can't seem to get over it I know she would be so cross with me for being like this but I just can't seem to crack out of it I miss her so much and am so sad for her family, luke and poor little Edward growing up without a mummy! It makes me feel guilty that i'm alive and seeing these things- i know all very messed up and i know she'd be cross with me for thinking like this.
As well as me being unwell both children have too, Abigails asthma has been horrendous too she's on steroids which have made her behaviour horrendous! Lots of sleepless nights involved!
Oliver had a nasty d&v bug last weekend was like something out of the excorcist - one time i'd just put a clean nappy on him and re dressed him and started to go downstairs when he went again filled his nappy and it started to leak so I ran to bathroom and held him in there as no carpet in there - when I tell you what it was like you'd think i was exagerating! It was up to his neck and down to his toes and all over my bathroom floor i've never seen anything like it and didn't know where to start to clear it up! I spent all Sunday bathing him - washing clothes and mopping floors from vomit and poo!!
He's alot better now but its set him back with his reflux and continues to be sick for up to 2 1/2 hours after a feed!
I've now come down with a horrendous ear ache today which is effecting my speach as it hurts to move that side of my face so I think once i've dropped abi at nursery in the morning i'm going to have to get myself off to GP.
I was at clinic last week and had the good news they don't want to see me for 6 weeks so not till after Christmas!! I have changed around my inhalors in the hope that it will enable me to reduce my pred a bit as I can't get below 30mg at the mo - obviously back up to 60mg from last admission - I HATE STEROIDS!!!!
We are now in the run up to Christmas so hardly see Ed he just works so hard and does such an amazing job providing for all of us but I just hate not seeing him. He works every evening and this weekend he's working 8-3 on sat and all day sunday so we're just not going to see him - and its only going to get worse christmas is a busy time for musicians.
Argh enough moaning now - i'm hoping my christmas cards will arrive soon so I can write them, we've gone for Bliss charity cards this year - quite appropriate I feel after Oliver being born so premature this year and spending alot of time in the NICU.
I am almost done Christmas shopping and have done Abi's birthday shopping too so almost there!
I have decided on Abi party but am just booking the final bits before we send out invitations :)
Am off to bed now as really don't feel that great and don't want to be tired if we have another early start like this morning! I think they like to see daddy before he leaves for work at 6.30!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Toria's Funeral 21/11/2008

I've just got back from a very moving lovely day saying goodbye to Toria, i'm totally shattered so will post properly tomorrow but wanted to share with you a photo I took when we all let off helium balloons with a photo of toria and edward on and a message to the person that found them...

Friday, November 14, 2008

This Christmas

this Christmas I'm planning on making some sick children smile simply by sending some post.Post Pals brightens the lives of seriously ill children (most of whom are fighting cancer or going through transplants) and their siblings by featuring them on the website with their own page, with their story, interests and a forwarding address. Members of the public from around the world can log on and send cards, letters, emails and small gifts to brighten the child's day and let them know someone cares. Post Pals does this all year around but at Christmas they run some special schemes.Reindeers (volunteers) are assigned to a young child and during December they send a card from each of Santa's reindeer, talking about anything from loving it when carrots are left out or how full the sleigh is getting. Its great fun to use your imagination and the children really enjoy it, one boy was so relieved as it meant santa definitely knew he was in hospital at Christmas and another girl thought the reindeer wrote to her as she was good in helping her mum look after her disabled brother.The elf scheme is another project, a little like the Shoe Box appeal we all know. You're assigned a child and you have a read their page to get to know them. Then you gather up gifts to the value of £15 and send them off to the child in December. Post Pals needs to find 240 volunteers for this so please spread the world about how to make a difference this Christmas. A picture of little Aled with his elf box can be seen here and a picture of Nikita with the bear she was sent can be seen here (sadly she passed away on Christmas Eve, a couple of weeks after this picture was taken).You can also send christmas cards or little gifts to any child, just log onto click on "News" to find out how to volunteer and see how a simple gesture can make a big difference.About Post Pals; - Post a Smile on a Sick Child's FaceWinner of Queens Award for Voluntary Services 2008Supported by Princes Trust and Children in NeedPatron Fearne CottonPost Pals on the BBC