Sunday, February 22, 2009

Center Parcs Part 2

Well I didn't manage to continue you last night I was so tired!! I sorted out all the washing - all 9 loads!! Started that I did manage to upload all the photos onto Facebook all 120 of them and then went to bed so sorry to leave you there, where was I....

We didn't have to wait too long for the gates to open to drive round to the villa and because Abi had her dvd on she was so good.
Once we drove round to villa Ed brought everything in while I started to sort things - the villa was really nice 2 storey with 2 double and 2 twin bedrooms 2 full bathrooms with showers and baths and a separate cloakroom. Lovely open plan living dining and kitchen area too.
Once we were sorted we got freshened up and got ready to go out to dinner - we'd booked to eat out on the first night as thought it'd be easier we went to Hucks the American Diner it was really nice they had a childrens buffet which was a brilliant idea as then the children could eat as soon as you sit down rather than having to wait around for ages. They also did some amazing cocktails!! It was another late night for the children so another quick bedtime. I too didn't stay up too late as was exhausted but Ed stayed up with Danielle and David for a bit and the seemed to get through quite alot of wine!!

Tuesday morning Ed woke up with a terrible upset tummy involving him being sat on the toilet for alot of the morning - Danielle's boys had a fencing thing to go to so was quite nice as we had the villa to ourselves and a nice relaxing morning within an hour of Abi getting up we found out she too had the tummy upset which wasn't pleasent bless her. Ed and David went off in the afternoon to do their Quad biking experience - they had an amazing time. Abi had a long needed nap in the afternoon as after all the traveling and 2 late nights she was very over tired we ended up waking her up after 3 hours as we needed to leave for her "Messy Play" session which although we had to keep rushing to toilet she really enjoyed they had huge paddling pool type boxes full of custard, rice krisipes, spaghetti, rice, cornflour and water etc etc they also had painting and glueing etc - she was in her element!
Once we'd got the children into bed we had a nice relaxing evening.

Unfortunately over night I started feeling really unwell and came down with a horrendous vomiting bug which ended up in me just laying on bathroom floor as it was easier than running back and forth from bedroom to toilet every few minutes, I felt so so ill I ended up pulling muscles in my chest from wretching so much I stayed in bed until about 4pm. Ed still went out to the bowling we'd booked with Danielle, David and the children in the morning and they had a lovely time. Abi was chuffed as they actually had bowling shoes to fit her - when ever we've been in the past they don't have bowling shoes small enough for her.

Thursday I woke up feeling alot better could keep down toast and fluid so we all went at 9am to the tots sports activity that Elliot, Alexander and Abigail were taking part in - it was great fun they had lots of different activities to take part in - one of them there were lights built into the floor and when a light lit up they had to run and jump on it and as soon as they'd done that to set of sensor another light would light up they all loved it. After lunch we headed to the pool as none of us had D&V anymore so felt it was safe and Oliver went in for the first time ever - he loved it!! Splashing and smiling and kicking his legs - he was so sweet falling asleep on the changing mat in the changing room again afterwards. We got back to the villa where we met up with the others then David, Alexander, Elliot, Ed and Abigail went off to the Mammal magic while Danielle and I stayed behind with the babies to give them their dinner. When they got back we all headed off to Cafe Rouge for our last night meal - it was really nice Oliver was a little star and slept the whole time in his pushchair -Ed and Abigail tried Snails!! I was safe and stuck with chicken!!

Friday morning was spent packing up and loading up the car - we were meant to vacate villa by 10 am I don't think we left villa until 11am though!! Ed took the car off to the carpark and Oliver Abigail and I went off to feed the ducks and wait for Ed - when we met up we went to the centre and went swimming - we had a lovely long swim and then had some lunch in the pool area. It was about 4pm by the time we'd finished and all dressed and back into car and we set off to our travel lodge - we arrived by about 8pm and the kids were asleep in bed by 8.30pm Ed and I had decided we were going to wait for them to fall asleep and then catch up on the Eastenders we'd missed on iplayer - but we ended up falling asleep too fully dressed!!!

Saturday morning we had a nice lazy morning as there was no rush as we didn't need to vacate the travel lodge until 12pm we had a nice shower and a little Chef breakfast and set off for home at 10am. We arrived home at about 12.30pm yesterday!

Right I really should get on with all that washing now and we've got the Christening to properly organise now as it's only about 3 weeks till that but I wasn't going to get really stuck into it until after the holiday - so now need to get my bum into gear and get on!!

Will speak soon

Here are the links to all 120 photos that I have uploaded onto Facebook there are 2 links as you can only upload 60 photos per Album on Facebook. I thought this would be easier than trying to upload them all on to the blog!!


Darkies Gem said...

Wow, hun you have had such a busy holiday!!!

It looks like you all had a lot of fun, I'm glad!

Sorry haven't been responding to your updates I've been checking in everyday, I've been busy and tired. I'm still nowhere near back to normal, but how could I not respond, after you have took the time to write all that!:D

Sorry to hear you were ill on holiday, but I hope you're feeling better now.

Oliver and Abi definately looked like they enjoyed themselves:D

Oh and glad you got your internet and laptop. Can tell you're having so much fun with it:D

Big hugs sweetie

Gemma said...

great photos, they are both so cute!